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See the BUBO home page for the latest information.

31 December 2000 - BUBO 2000 for 2000!
The literally breathtaking exploits of AJM in the year 2000 may not be known to all, but it certainly comes as a relief to many that his quest for 2,000 different organisms in the year 2000 has ended successfully! A full list will be presented shortly with more statistics and mind-numbing (literally) information, but in the meantime you'll be on the edge of your seat reading Andy's account of the magic 2000 moment.

31 December 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Barring dramatic falls of rarities in the last month of the year, there is a hot favourite for the title after November! And there's still time to enter Fantasy 2001.

18 December 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Fantasy league is back! See the Fantasy League 2001 entry page for full details and enter your selection.

21 November 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Some dramatic movements following the October results! Watch this space also for details of Fantasy 2001...

22 October 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Plenty of rarities in September mean some big movers on the fantasy leaderboard, and we have joint leaders following the September results.

27 September 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
No change at the top following the August results, which include the Guernsey Griffon Vulture, missed by Mark by literally a hair's breadth. Also take a look at the latest from CamLit, which include the most-boring-but-actually-correct-use-of-the-word award.

25 August 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Literally grab an eyeful of the July results.

30 July 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
All changes at the top again as BUBO fantasy reaches the halfway stage - June results.

30 July 2000 - BUBO travel
John Martin's recent Cuba trip, with Bare-legged, Stygian and Cuban Pygmy Owls, Cuban Solitaire, Bee Hummingbird and Ivory-billed Woodpecker amongst the 143 species recorded, is the latest addition to the BUBO trip report page. Only joking about the woodpecker.

30 July 2000 - BUBO literally!
BUBO would be interested in hearing from anyone who watched 'Mischievous Meerkats' on the Discovery Channel recently, to see if it is true that 'the viewer literally becomes a Meercat'. See other recent CamLit gems!

5 July 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
Apologies for the late update (been too busy seeing Snail Kite in Florida - trip report to follow!) but check out the May results following a spring full of rarities!

20 April 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
The BUBO lads continue their poor showing! See the March results.

20 April 2000 - BUBO literally!
BUBO and CamLit welcome Sara Cox to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - it's literally proving to be a goldmine - check out the latest from CamLit!

17 March 2000 - BUBO travel
Mike returns from India having seen Indian Bustard, Laggar Falcon, Sulphur-bellied Warbler and also having got married! Watch this space for a trip report.

17 March 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
February scores and Rosie Lawlor maintains her lead! Species seen in January and February are now also online, so you can check your own selections.

17 February 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
The January scores for Fantasy Rarity League 2000 are now available, and Rosie Lawlor has already nearly topped her 1999 score!

21 January 2000 - BUBO fantasy!
December results for Fantasy Rarity League 1999 mean that it's Rick Andrews who finishes literally top of the tree! See the final league table and full statistics for 1999.

9 January 2000 - BUBO millennium!
Various recent updates include the BUBO Millennium Bird Race in Norfolk, updated BUBO trip reports for The Gambia, Mexico and British Columbia and literally millions of camlits. Also, late entries for Fantasy Rarity League 2000 are still acceptable.

19 December 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
See the latest
fantasy league positions with just one month to go available.

4 December 1999 - BUBO fantasy 2000!
It's back, bigger and better than ever for the millennium. Enter now for
Fantasy Rarity League 2000 where you have £4500 to spend on achieving a big rarity list for the year!

(Some people have been experiencing problems with this link: if so, take a look at the rules and species list, then enter using the form or an e-mail with your species selection and personal details to mike@bubo.org.)

27 November 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
Pallid Swift influx means that it could literally be a two horse race for the BUBO Fantasy League.
October results now available.

25 October 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
JPM lives in a fantasy world as far as rarities are concerned (as anyone who's seen his notebook would agree). See the
September update.

20 September 1999 - BUBORC
You've seen the headlines, now check
Andy's Fea's Petrel notes and register your BUBO Rarities Committee vote!

(January 2000: Results of the BUBORC voting are for a majority acceptance! This agrees with the BBRC as well - congratulations to Andy!)

Fea's Petrel, Porthgwarra, 26/8/1999
Accept RejectPend
Email address

Fea's Petrel, Porthgwarra, 26/10/1999 26 August 1999 - BUBO mega!
Not content with finally ticking Cory's, Andy excels with a self-found Fea's Petrel at Porthgwarra!
(Picture from the excellent Collins Bird Guide, by Lars Svensson & Peter Grant)

23 August 1999 - about BUBO
What is, and who are,
BUBO? Check out the BUBO profiles.

20 August 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
Rick literally inches ahead - see the
July update.

5 August 1999 - BUBO list
The latest updates from Andy bring the official BUBO list to 2174 species. See the
BUBO list page for the details, and the full list now available in Microsoft Excel format.

31 July 1999 - BUBO travel
Andy's business trip (yeah, right!) to
British Columbia produces 160 species including Blue Grouse, Northern Pygmy Owl and Cassin's Vireo.

27 July 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
At the halfway stage it's Rick Andrews who regains the lead, whilst the fantasy dudes are Rosie and Gillian without a definite rarity between them - see the
June update for sightings and league positions.

22 June 1999 - BUBO travel
California and Arizona trip of 1993 now online, together with a new travel section, the BUBO 'Postcards From...' page!

22 June 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
Joint leaders at the top at the end of

7 June 1999 - BUBO travel
BUBO Bird Race 1999 in Grampian produces 135 species including self-found Surf Scoter, Golden Eagle, four species of Grouse, Spotted Crake and Broad-billed Sandpiper.

7 June 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
John 'Crag' Martin moves up the table but can't topple Lawlor!
April results now online.

29 April 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
Yet more Lesser Scaups help Lawlor move into the lead!
March results now available.

11 April 1999 - BUBO fantasy!
Just five definite rarities in February means no change at the top - Rick 'allo Students' Andrews leads the way. See the
February results for full details.

21 March 1999 - BUBO travel
Siberian Cranes at Bharatpur, but Mike is gripped off by Michaela Strachan with Tigers at Ranthambhor! 1999 India report (with photos) available on-line.

19 February - BUBO fantasy!
First fantasy update and it's Rick Andrews who leads the way, thanks to plenty of Lesser Scaups.

8 February 1999 - BUBO notebook
From the BUBO self-found list, Mark's Black Kite at Kilnsea in 1995.

6 February 1999 - BUBO travel
The latest additions are Andy's trips last year to Spain (including Thekla Lark and Red-necked Nightjar) and Turkey (including Krüper's Nuthatch and Cretzschmar's Bunting). Plus details of the BUBO Bird Races - Norfolk 1997 and Yorkshire 1998.

31 January 1999 - BUBO travel
Ian's trip to Israel last August and September means that the Israel collection is building up rapidly! See the trip reports index for full details. Also, Rich's Antigua and Guadeloupe trip is now illustrated with a few photos!

9 January 1999 - BUBO travel
Thanks to Rich and Mark, more reports are now online. Check out Antigua and Guadeloupe , Israel 1993 to 1994, Israel 1998 and The Seychelles 1998 for such treats ranging from Bridled Quail Dove and Pearly-eyed Thrasher, through Didric Cuckoo, Saker and Sinai Rosefinch, to Sooty Tern and Zebra Dove!

31 December 1998 - BUBO list
The official BUBO list is now online and currently stands at 2129 species!

22 November 1998 - BUBO fantasy!
Enter the Waspy Corset Fantasy Rarity League 1999! This is your chance to predict the megas for next year and amaze the rest of the birding world with your accurate predictions.

22 November 1998 - BUBO travel
Relive Mike's experience of an island "inhibited by Red-billed Tropical Birds". Report from Trinidad and Tobago now available. Also The Gambia and Mexico are now online courtesy of Andy.

27 October 1998 - BUBO stop press!
The Next Generation has arrived! Thomas Daniel Musgrove was born on 17/10/98 and, at 9lb 3oz and producing an excessive amount of wind, obviously takes after his Dad. Congratulations to Trudy and Andy.

27 October 1998 - BUBO in the news
The BUBO lads claim "Best New Team" in Bird Race 1998 with 141 species in Yorkshire on 17 May 1998. See September Birdwatch magazine for more details...

27 October 1998 - BUBO travel
Pied Harrier, Ibisbill, Sibe Rubythroat, White's Thrush etc. Enough to whet your appetite for Mike's trip to Nepal in February 1998.

27 October 1998 - BUBO travel
Crippling Krüper's and Toilet Tern - Andy's trip to Turkey and Ian's to Israel - reports now available.

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