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21 May 2003 - BUBO.org!
BUBO is moving! All new BUBO information will appear at www.bubo.org. Currently this includes nearly 60 trip reports and lots of photos and information about birding in India!
The www.bubo.co.uk site will remain for the time being, with contents gradually transferred to www.bubo.org. No new information will be posted here so bookmark the new site now!

23 April 2003 - BUBO fantasy!
Three Lesser Scaups were not enough to make any headway on the leader in December, so it's congratulations to Thomas Barker who takes the BUBO Fantasy Rarity League title. See the final 2002 results and extra statistics on the winner. Thomas will retain the title until BUBO Fantasy Rarity League returns, maybe, one day...!

11 April 2003 - BUBO fantasy!
Reality birding has been far more interesting than Fantasy recently hence the long delay for the results up to November. There is now a runaway leader; will there be a dramatic December to topple him?

20 November 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
The leader drops two places so finally it's all change at the top - see the September results.

29 September 2002 - BUBO travel
Don't expect too many updates for a while, as Mike is now disappearing off to Delhi, India for a couple of years! However, maybe www.bubo.co.in will get going soon! If anyone is interested in North India birding gen then feel free to contact me at mike_g_prince@yahoo.co.uk.

29 September 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Anyone who chose Two-barred Crossbill will be leaping up the table after August's rarities.

2 September 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
It's getting boring with July's rarities making no difference to the top five.

18 August 2002 - BUBO literally
The floodgates have literally been opened recently, with an inundation of new literally quotes including Brian Clough making his first ever CamLit appearance.

31 July 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Little change at the top after June's rarities.

11 July 2002 - BUBO travel
Ian's exploits include seeing a dark morph egret, literally losing his Marbles and seeing most of the Iberian specialities in Spain plus details of his trip to Dominica.

7 July 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
A commanding lead at the top thanks to May's Subalpine Warblers - see the latest Fantasy Rarity League table.

31 May 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Gyr Falcons in April bring changes to the top of the Fantasy leaderboard.

29 May 2002 - BUBO travel
No records broken following Mark's bird race in Guernsey and the BUBO bird race in Durham, although plenty of good birds seen on the latter including Twite, Black Grouse, Short-eared Owl and Hoopoe.

28 April 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Yet more Ross's Gulls bring a clear leader after the March fantasy rarities.

14 April 2002 - BUBO travel
Trip reports from Mike's recent visits to South Africa (where he managed a mere 227 ticks in four days birding) and Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu now online (click here for a text only version).

4 April 2002 - BUBO literally
The Sussex Ornithological Society contributes to the Camlit collection and a few other birding bloopers are now online.

26 March 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Ross's and Ivory Gulls bring changes to the Fantasy leaderboard in February.

10 March 2002 - BUBO literally!
Literally a hatful of quotes added to the Camlit page.

10 March 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
A slow start to 2002 with just four rarities recorded. See the January fantasy results.

27 Janaury 2002 - BUBO fantasy!
Just one point separates the top four, but it's congratulations to Richard Billington, the 2001 winner! The December fantasy results are now available, with full statistics on the year's fantasy rarities.

22 Janaury 2002 - BUBO travel
Mike takes full advantage of a short notice work trip to South Africa to notch up literally a hatful of ticks. Over 300 species in just four days birding in the Pretoria area. Draft trip report now available and will be updated when I get back from my next trip (to Goa)!

26 December 2001 - BUBO 2000 for 2000!
As the end of 2001 approaches it's time to remember one year ago - Andy was desperately trying to find that 2000th species for his remarkable year listing quest. Full details of the 2000 for 2000 are now online, featuring a complete systematic list.

20 December 2001 - BUBO fantasy!
With one month to go there's movement at the top again. It's all to play for, with just one record separating the top four entries after November's fantasy rarities. Don't forget to check out Fantasy Rarity League 2002 as well.

16 December 2001 - BUBO fantasy 2002!
It's on again, bigger and better than ever! Enter online for Fantasy Rarity League 2002 where there is 5000 to spend on next year's rarities. Always a thrill! Tell all your friends!

26 November 2001 - BUBO travel
Ian returns from Botswana and Zimbabwe, with plenty of ticks and photos including Jackass Penguin, Kori Bustard and African Fish Eagle; all proving some recompense for The Villa's drop from the top.

26 November 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Lots of fantasy rarities in October and it remains literally nip-and-tuck at the top. Watch this space for details of Fantasy 2002 - online soon!

30 October 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Dramatic movements following September's fantasy rarities include a major fall for the leader and a rise of fifteen places for the new second place.

4 October 2001 - BUBO canine challenge
As Jess the official BUBO dog ticks Red-necked Stint, Cattle Egret and Buff-breasted Sandpiper recently the search is on for the top canine birder in Britain. Sparky of the Leicester Llamas is on a respectable 143 having only been birding for just over a year. He likes to find/flush/eat his own birds and has been involved in finding Ring-necked Duck and Purple Heron so far. He's recently ticked Spotted Crake and Wryneck, which he was pleased about, but is currently sulking somewhat as he wasn't allowed to see the Green Heron since dogs aren't allowed on the Messingham reserve. Top twitcher Jess though is now on a staggering 312 (including Fea's Petrel) - could this be the highest list of a non-human? Merlin is a young and upcoming birder but suffers the disadvantage of living on Guernsey. If you have any similar stories then mail them to BUBO.

4 October 2001 - BUBO fantasy
August fantasy results are out and there are changes at the top.

25 August 2001 - BUBO fantasy
No change for the top three, but White-winged Black Terns help a few people leap up the table - July fantasy scores!

25 August 2001 - BUBO literally!
BUBO advice on roller-hockey and mothing for the very young.

30 July 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Rose-coloured Starlings bring more big changes - June fantasy scores!

8 July 2001 - BUBO literally!
Radio Five Live reporters could be literally stoned?

4 July 2001 - BUBO fantasy
BUBO wives have both top and bottom places in the latest fantasy rankings!

4 July 2001 - BUBO literally!
A Sun reporter manages a Camlit classic!

20 June 2001 - BUBO literally!
Finally, after years of successful figuratively speaking, John Humphreys has been caught by Camlit!

13 June 2001 - BUBO travel
Plenty of great birds seen on Rich's Nepal trip last year including Red-headed Trogon, Grey-throated Babbler, Rufous-chinned Laughing-thrush, Red-billed Leothrix and Ultramarine Flycatcher.

12 June 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Foot and Mouth may have restricted reality birding, but there were still plenty of sightings for Fantasy birders to get excited about - see the April results.

20 May 2001 - BUBO literally!
A few more additions to our literally blossoming collection, including a new miscellany section. Also check out the January issue of British Birds (Brit. Birds 94:39), for the only known occurence of the word 'apeshit' in an esteemed birding publication.

17 May 2001 - BUBO travel
Mark's Guernsey bird race finishes just two species off the record.

2 May 2001 - BUBO travel
Photos and full details of Mike's Sri Lanka trip now online. Plenty of other new trip reports, including India trips from Mike (Rajasthan 2000) and John Martin (Ranthambhor and Bharatpur 2001), Ian (Trinidad and Tobago 2000) and also a BUBO team West Sussex big day producing 127 species.

27 April 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Increasing numbers of rarities in March but there's no change to the top six.

20 April 2001 - BUBO literally!
It's tempting to start a new collection of people to join the SNP (Silly Names Party) as Lembit Opik MP brings up literally a ton of CamLits! Please keep an eye out (although not literally of course) and send any more 'literally' quotes to hello@literallygutted.com.

11 April 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Yet more ducks in February mean no change for the top two in Fantasy Rarity League 2001.

11 April 2001 - BUBO travel

Indian Pitta, Sri Lanka, April 2001 Despite being savaged by leeches in Sinharaja rainforest, Mike had a successful trip to Sri Lanka with most of the endemics as well as Kashmir Flycatcher and Black-capped Kingfisher.

26 February 2001 - BUBO fantasy
Fantasy Rarity League 2001 is underway and selecting American ducks appears to have been the way to go! See January results.

22 January 2001 - BUBO fantasy
December results for Fantasy Rarity League 2000 and Steve Preddy's lead has proved unassailable. See how well you did with the Millennium Rarity League statistics.

22 January 2001 - BUBO travel
Sri Lanka report from John Martin now online on the trip reports page. Includes many of the endemics, including Red-faced Malkoha and Green-billed Coucal and other goodies such as Pied Thrush, Indian Pitta and Indian Blue Robin.

See the BUBO archive for earlier information.

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