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Bird List from Bahir Principe, San Juan, Dominican Republic

10th Nov -17th Nov 1998; John Newnham

Most watching done in hotel grounds - large establishment with about 2km frontage on Atlantic - both west & east boundary small creek through mangroves. More extensive mangroves just east of hotel with mixed plantations and coconut plantation to west of hotel.  Perimeter track (with heavy security) bordered by dense mangrove swamp and only few yards from apartment and easily ‘scoped’.  A developing garden near hotel entrance also watched regularly.  Apart from single trip to Gri-gri all watching done in and just around hotel -in early am security guards frequently prevented straying off of hotel premises for safety reasons.

10th - 13th Nov very unsettled weather, hot, humid frequent heavy rain showers (protracted on 13th) and strong East wind - thereafter softer SE wind and dry (except at night).


  • Birds of the West Indies - James Bond 5th edition.

  • Birds of the Eastern Caribbean - Peter Evans.

  • Field Guide to the Birds of North America - National Geographical Society.


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White-tailed Tropicbird

3 close to  boat off Gri-Gri


Cormorant spp.

1W in early morning - only partly seen


Magnificant Frigatebird

1E into fresh E wind over beach 12th


Great Blue Heron

1-2 seen most days over mangroves - all flight views


Green-backed Heron

1-4 most days; noisy; associated with mangroves


Cattle Egret

numerous & ubiquitous; large roost movement up to 400E in evening


Great Egret

up to 6 most days over mangroves


Snowy Egret

2 in puddles in hotel grounds 11th


Tricolor Heron

most days 1-2; excellent views in E stream


West Indian Tree Duck

one in flight over hotel/mangroves 17th - only duck


Turkey Vulture

most obvious raptor - up to 10 in air over Gri-Gri & hotel


Red-tailed Hawk

good views of 2 from balcony 16th


American Kestel

daily; excellent ‘scope views from balcony



pair with young (+2) mangroves hotel perimeter path


Spotted Sandpiper

daily in both E & W stream - only wader (all wp)


Arctic Skua

1E (adult) into strong E wind 11th.


Sandwich Tern

1E, well offshore, in strong E wind 12th - no other terns or gulls seen


White-crowned Pigeon

most frequent of identified pigeon -mainy in E mangrove wood


Plain Pigeon

single E mangrove wood 14/11 - probably more but few good views of all pigeons & doves


Zenaida Dove

5 together in W coconut plantation


White winged Dove

one in east plantation 15/11


Hispaniolan Parrot

Single in Playa Grandia restaurent -on owners shoulder!


Mangrove Cuckoo

singles in E mangrove wood & hotel mangroves


Yellow-billed Cuckoo

excellent views hotel mangroves 15 &17/11


Smooth-billed Ani

3 parties encountered all in E plantations


Chimney Swift

one definite over W plantation and probably over hotel 16/11


Black Swift

2-3 occasions- once in small party over E mangrove wood


Antillean Palm Swift

2 with party of Black Swifts moving E over E mangrove wood


Hispaniolan Emerald

in hotel grounds seen on 2 occasions - Bond suggests more in mountains


Antillean Mango

excellent views male in E plantation & near Gri Gri


Belted Kingfisher

Most days - regular in E mangrove wood


Hispaniolan Woodpecker

numerous often in large parties - noisy and obvious; breeding near apartment


Grey Kingbird

at least 6 in hotel - regularly seen and very obvious


Loggerhead Kingbird

One at airport whilst waiting to return to UK


Sand Martin

one S over hotel mangrove woods 14th


Barn Swallow

2-3 flying around Puerta Plata airport on 17th


hirundine sp

several seen high overhead- often without bins; several stocky dull martins (not in book!) nesting under eaves in PP airport terminal.


Northern Mockingbird

several seen in last few days


Tropical Mockingbird

One near apartment, with above & grackles, seen on 11th & 17th - good views although Bond suggests not in Hispaniola.


Red-legged Thrush

2 in hotel mangrove wood 17th - excellent views


Grey-cheeked Thrush

one feeding in hotel mangrove 11th & 12th (same scruffy, wet corner as Ovenbird, + both Waterthrushes on 12th)



Ubiquitous and numerous


Red-eyed Vireo

one, excellent telescope view, in east wood 13th


Black-whiskered Vireo

single in W plantation 16th and in bush outside apartment on 17th


Black & White Warbler

up to 3 seen most days -excellent close views


Cape May Warbler

2 individuals seen in the same bushes at same time as Black-whiskered Vireo!


Yellow-rumped Warbler

single well seen in same bush on 12th & 13th E mangrove wood


Blackpoll Warbler

several in and around mangroves during unsettled first few days (none in latter part week)


Praire Warbler

Most days in beachside shrubs



One 11th & 12th in low mangroves near apartment & horse stockade -excellent views


Northern Waterthrush

Common and noisy species in low mangroves


Louisiana Waterthrush

with above (and other small thrushes) on 13th


Common Yellowthroat

several most days, mainly in low mangroves, after weather settled - including adults


American Redstart

up to 4 seen most days, mainly in mangroves, including 2 males



numerous- singing and nesting throughout hotel


Grt Antillean Grackle

common, in parties around hotel


Black-cowled Oriole

small numbers - high in trees - excellent scope views from balcony


Black-faced Grassquit

in developing gardens - only true seedeater identified


Kevin Duffy also noted Royal Tern & Yellow-crowned Night Heron at Gri-Gri; Least Bitterns in developing garden streams, 2 Laughing Gulls offshore.  Many birds particularly overhead and in mangroves went unidentified -included many american wood warblers which disappeared into the jungle before enough field marks had been seen to clinch id.

JAN 19th November 1998