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ISRAEL ~ AUG 1993 to JUN 1994

Mark Lawlor

Bold: Specialities of the deserts or of the Middle East.

Underlined: Rarer or more unusual records for Israel.

# Indicates species counted during surveys.

1.Little Grebe

Present in small numbers at K. Ruppin, Hula and Eilat Northern Resers. At Tishlovit, 500+, 7/10.

2.Great-crested Grebe

A few birds wintering off Eilat North Beach.

3.Black-necked Grebe

30+, Tishlovit in October.

4.Cory's Shearwater

Present in small numbers off Eilat North Beach.

5.Sooty Shearwater

Appeared off Eilat North Beach in May in small numbers.

6.Brown Booby

1, Eilat North Beach, 26th January.


Common in the North in winter.

8.Pygmy Cormorant

Present at K. Ruppin from mid-August, up to 14.

9. #White Pelican

Huge numbers wintering in North, eg 4000+, Hula. Autumn - 8015 - peak 2808 on 6th October. None seen in Spring..

10. Little Bittern

Migrant in both seasons at K. Ruppin and Eilat.

11.Night Heron

Common resident in North, migrant in Eilat.

12.Striated/Green Heron

1 wintering at Eilat marina feeding from mooring ropes at dawn.

13.Squacco Heron

Common summer migrant between April to September.

14. Cattle Egret

Common resident.

15.Western Reef Heron

Always at Eilat North Beach, up to 7, both phases.

16.Little Egret

Common resident in North and migrant through Eilat.

17.Great White Egret

Common migrant and winterer.

18.Grey Heron

Common resident.

19.Purple Heron

Common summer migrant, a few lingering to October.

20. #Black Stork

Common migrant. Aug to mid-Oct, end-Feb to mid-May. Autumn - 500 - peak 86 on 11th September. Spring - 699 - peak 164 on 20th March.

21. #White Stork

Very common migrant especially in North, mid-Aug to early-Oct, early-Mar to early-May. One flock of 12,000 birds at Kefar Ruppin. Autumn - 80,228 - peak 13,400 on 19th August. Spring - 1209 - peak 580 on 26th April.

22.Glossy Ibis

Common in small numbers.

23. Spoonbill

Common in varying numbers (200+, Newe Etan.)

24.Greater Flamingo

8 wintering on Eilat Northern Resers, also seen on migration on Salt Pans and North Beach.

25.White-fronted Goose

6 wintering at Eilat North Sewage - influx into Israel this winter.

26. Lesser White-fronted Goose

3 adults wintering with the White-fronts. <10 records for Israel.


Only seen in Eilat area.


A few seen on the sea at Eilat on migration.


A few seen on the sea at Eilat on migration + 1, Tishlovit


Very widespread winterer, up to 300 at Tishlovit.


Very common especially in winter.


Small numbers wintering at Tishlovit, Hula and Eilat Northern Resers.


Common migrant.


Very common in winter, 1000+ at Tishlovit

35.Marbled Duck

50+, Tishlovit and 35+, Hula in October.


Small numbers, apart from c.320, Tishlovit.

37.Ferruginous Duck

30+, Tishlovit, Oct 6, Hula, Nov a few off Eilat N.B.

38.Tufted Duck

Flocks of up to 50 wintering in North.

39.White-headed Duck

1 female, Tishlovit, 21st October.

40. #Honey Buzzard

Very common migrant, mid-Aug to mid-Oct, end-Apr to end-May. Autumn - 25,836 - peak 7869 on 12th September. Spring - 73,161 - peak 30,400 on 2nd May.

 41. #Black Kite

Common migrant from end-Aug, and early-Mar to early-May. Very common winterer in North with 500+ in the Hula at end of Oct. Autumn - 118 - peak 9 on 9th and 12th September. Spring - 1487 - peak 263 on 1st April.

42.White-tailed Eagle

2 immatures at Hula 25th October, with one on 2nd November.

43. #Egyptian Vulture

Autumn - 11, mid-Sept to mid-Oct - peak of 8 on 25th September. Spring - 75, end-Feb to mid-May - peak 8 on 8th March and 11th April.

44. #Griffon Vulture

Mostly resident wanderers but small numbers migrating. 40+ seen around Syrian border in the Golan, 26th October. Autumn - Up to 16 migrants - peak of 10 on 17th October. Spring - 2 migrants - 21st February and 11th April.

45. #Short-toed Eagle

Very common breeder in North and common migrant, early-Sept to mid-Oct and early-Feb to early-May. Autumn - 300 - peak of 44 on 1st Oct. Spring - 35 - peak of 4 on 25th March and 11th April.

46. #Marsh Harrier

Common migrant and winterer, mid-Aug to mid-Oct and throughout the Spring. Autumn - 154 - peak of 26 on 25th September. Spring - 49 - peak of 4 on 21st May.

47. #Hen Harrier

Winter visitor. In North arrived from 19th Oct with 4 at Hula on 25th Oct. One in Eilat North fields on 26th February.

48. #Pallid Harrier

Uncommon migrant but commoner in winter in North. Two on Autumn survey - 1 male, 24th Sep and 1 male, 26th Sep. 10 seen wintering at - Hula, Revivim and Urim. Spring - 8, late March/early April - peak of 4 on 25th March.

49. #Montagu's Harrier

Uncommon migrant early Sep to early Oct and early April. Autumn - 10. Spring - 3 - 8th and 17th Sep. A juvenile bird at Hula on 25th Oct was latest ever in Israel.

{Mont/Pal Harrier

In survey conditions, most small Harriers cannot be definitely identified, and the majority get recorded as M/P. Autumn - 27 - peak of 8 on 24th Sep. Spring - 5 - end March/early April.}


1, Eilat North Fields, 29th January.

51. #Sparrowhawk

Rare breeder, common winterer and migrant, end-Sep to mid-May. Autumn - 90 - peak of 27 on 11th Oct. Spring - 12.

52. #Levant Sparrowhawk

Common migrant, mid-Sep to mid-Oct and early-April to early-May. Autumn - 1711 - peak of 533 on 20th September. Spring - 440 - peak of 227 on 23rd April.

53. #Steppe Buzzard

Very common migrant over Eilat, mid-Feb to end-May, less common in North, mid-Sept to Nov. Autumn - 345 - peak of 48 on 11th Oct. Spring - 49 933 - peak of 11 476 on 1st April


A few of this race wintering at Hula.}

54. #Long-legged Buzzard

Quite common resident, especially so in desert regions. A few migrating with Steppe Buzzards - Autumn, 1 - Spring, 15.

55. #Lesser Spotted Eagle

Common migrant through North, early-Sep to mid-Oct, but rarer in Eilat, end-Mar to end-Apr. Autumn - 8781 - peak of 2583 on 2nd Oct. Spring - 5 singles.

56.Spotted Eagle

A winter visitor in North - at Kefar Ruppin, 1 on 19th and 20th Oct - and at Hula with 6 on 25th Oct and 3 on 3rd Nov.

57. #Steppe Eagle

Very common migrant through Eilat, early Nov and end-Jan to start-May, uncommon in North, mid-Sep to mid-Oct. Autumn :- North - 22 - peak of 6 on 29th Sep :- Eilat - 128 in Nov Spring - 4849 - peak of 736 on 4th March.

58. #Imperial Eagle

Uncommon migrant from end-Sep and to start-May. Commoner winter visitor to North with 5 at Hula, 25th Oct and 17 at Urim, 1st Nov. One adult wintered in Eilat. Autumn - 4 singles. Spring - 10 singles.

59.Golden Eagle

1, Eilat Mountains, 16th April.

60.Verreaux's Eagle

1 adult, from Eilat Coral Beach flying into Sinai, 10th April.

61. #Booted Eagle

Quite common migrant, end-Aug to start-Oct, start-Mar to end-Apr. Autumn - 52 - peak of 9 on 29th Sep. Spring - 23 - peak of 5 on 11th Apr.

62.Bonelli's Eagle

Uncommon resident - 16 dates in Autumn, 4 dates in Spring.

63. #Osprey

Common in small numbers but difficult to identify definite migrants. Autumn - 9 - peak of 3 on 22nd Aug. Spring - 24 - peak of 5 on 9th Apr.

64. #Lesser Kestrel

Uncommon migrant and breeder. Autumn - Kefar Ruppin - 1 on 15th Oct 3 on 17th Oct Spring - Eilat - 6, 21st Mar 1, 22nd Mar 1, 30th Mar.

65. #Kestrel

Common breeder, migrant and winterer.

{Kes sp.

Kestrel migration was noted in October (c.30) and March/April (c.25), but most are unidentifiable under survey conditions. }

66. #Red-footed Falcon

Irregular migrant in Sep and Oct in North depending on winds. Autumn - 49 - peak of 9 on 3rd Oct.


Winterer in small numbers in North. 10 sightings at Kefar Ruppin, Hula, Revivim and Urim.

68. #Hobby

Very common breeder in North, leaving by end-Oct. Migrant through Eilat, end-Apr to June. Spring - 10 - peak of 3 on 27th April.

69. #Eleonora's Falcon

Uncommon migrant. 1, Eilat, 26th April 1, Eilat Mtns, 1st May.

70.Sooty Falcon

Uncommon breeder in desert areas. 2 juvs, Sede Boquer, 22nd Oct - 1, Eilat Salt Pans, 31st March - 1, Eilat Mountains, 1st and 3rd May - 2, Km33, 1st June.


Uncommon resident in drier areas, but wanders. 2, Urim, 1st Nov.


Uncommon winterer in North-West Negev. 2, Urim, 1st Nov.


Winters in North. Total of 5 seen at Revivim, Urim and West coast.

74.Barbary Falcon

Seen only along Jordan Valley between Eilat and Kefar Ruppin, on 7 dates in Autumn, and 13 dates in Spring.


Common throughout, less so around Eilat.

76.Sand Partridge

Common in desert wadis.

77.Black Francolin

Common in North, but elusive.


Small numbers migrating through Kefar Ruppin in Autumn and larger numbers through Eilat in Spring.

79.Water Rail

1, Hula, 3rd Nov.

80.Spotted Crake

1, Eilat drainage canal, 3rd April.

81.Little Crake

1, Kefar Ruppin, 25th Sep to 5th Oct. 1, Eilat drainage canal, 24th April.


1, feeding in Eilat Bird Park flower beds, 19th to 30th April.




Common in North.

85.Common Crane

Very common winterer in North from mid-Oct. Up to 2000 in Hula on 3rd Nov, 250+ at Urim. Also 4 in Eilat on 30th Oct.

86.Demoiselle Crane

1, North over Mt. Yoash, Eilat with Steppe Buzzard flock, 24th March.


10 birds at Nizzana, on 22nd/23rd Oct.


3, Eilat North Beach, 6th Mar.

89.Black-winged Stilt

Common resident in small numbers.


100+ at Ma'agar Kefar Barukh, 24th Sep. Otherwise singles at Tishlovit, 21st Oct and Eilat, 6th May.

91.Stone Curlew

Common at Kefar Ruppin, less so in other dry areas.

92.Cream-coloured Courser

4 migrating through Km33, 18th Mar.

93.Collared Pratincole

Uncommon migrant. 20 at Kefar Ruppin, Sep/Oct, 19 at Eilat Apr/May.

94.Black-winged Pratincole

Singles at Kefar Ruppin, 25th Sep and 16th Oct.

95.Little Ringed Plover

Common resident and migrant.

96.Ringed Plover

Common migrant and winterer.

97.Kentish Plover

Occasional visitor to Northern fishponds, common migrant at Eilat.

98.Greater Sandplover

Small numbers at Eilat Salt Pans, Northern Beach and Dolphin Reef from Oct to May. Peak of 11 at Dolphin Reef, 19th Feb.


1, Urim, 1st Nov.

100.Golden Plover

6+, Urim, 1st Nov.

101.Grey Plover

1, Kefar Ruppin in Oct. 7 seen in Eilat in Oct, Apr & May.

102.Spur-winged Plover

Very common in North. Smaller numbers around Eilat.

103.Sociable Plover

Present at Kefar Ruppin from 9th to 20th Oct, with 6 on 20th.

104.White-tailed Plover

2, Km40, 29th Oct - 4, Yotvata, 7th Mar - 1 or 2, Eilat, Mar/Apr.


Common winter visitor to North, from 19th Sep.

106.Little Stint

Very common migrant in both seasons.

107.Temminck's Stint

Commoner in Autumn then Spring. 50+, Ma'agar Kefar Barukh, 24th Sep.

108.Curlew Sandpiper

Uncommon migrant. 7 in Autumn, 25 in Spring.


Common migrant but small numbers. Never more than 20.

110.Broad-billed Sandpiper

1, Kefar Ruppin, 14th Aug. Present at Eilat Salt Pans in April and May, with 7 on 5th May.


Common migrant in both seasons.

112.Common Snipe

Common winterer and migrant, even in desert areas.

113.Black-tailed Godwit

4, Kefar Ruppin, 3rd Sep. 4, Bet Hashitta, 12th Sep.

114.Bar-tailed Godwit

8, Eilat, 5th May.


8, Eilat, 22nd Apr.


Up to 5 present on Eilat Salt Pans.

117.Spotted Redshank

Uncommon migrant.


Common migrant and winterer.

119.Marsh Sandpiper

Common migrant and winterer. 30+, Ma'agar Kefar Barukh, 24th Sep. 75+, Eilat, 16th Apr.


Common migrant in small numbers.

121.Green Sandpiper

Common migrant in small numbers.

122.Wood Sandpiper

Common migrant in small numbers.

123.Common Sandpiper

Common migrant.


3, Newe Etan, 7th Sep. Singles at Eilat, 15th & 29th Apr and 5th May.

125.Red-necked Phalarope

Up to 3, Eilat Salt Pans, 29th Apr to 22nd May.

126.Pomarine Skua

Regular off Eilat North Beach from 21st Apr until June. 57 recorded, with peak of 7 on 11th May.

127.Arctic Skua

Common migrant off Eilat North Beach from 6th Mar until June. 146 recorded, with peak of 20 on 18th May.

128.Long-tailed Skua

Uncommon off Eilat North Beach between 28th Apr and 19th May. 10 recorded on 5 dates - peak of 3 on 18th/19th May.

129.White-eyed Gull

Almost always present off Eilat North Beach, although not for 4 weeks mid-Mar to mid-Apr. Maximums of 20 in November and 25 in June.

130.Great Black-headed Gull

Present at Eilat North beach or Salt Pans in Winter. Last seen on 23rd April, with peak being 19 in mid-Feb.

131.Mediterranean Gull

A single first-year wintering on Eilat North Beach.

132.Little Gull

1 juv, Ma'agar Kefar Barukh, 24th Sep. 5 1st-years, Eilat North Beach, 6th March.

133.Black-headed Gull

Common winterer. Small numbers in summer.

134.Slender-billed Gull

Common summer migrant to Eilat North Beach and Salt Pans. Up to 240 seen on 5th May.

135.Common Gull

Winter visitor in very small numbers to Eilat.

136.Lesser Black-backed Gull

Race 'fuscus'' a common migrant through Eilat in Spring.

137.Herring Gull

Race 'heuglini' an uncommon migrant through Eilat from Feb.

138.Yellow-legged Gull

Quite common winter visitor to Eilat.

139.Armenian Gull

Common in summer at Northern fishponds. Also present at Eilat in winter.

140.Gull-billed Tern

Uncommon migrant through Eilat from 30th March.

141.Caspian Tern

Common in small numbers at Eilat.

142.Lesser Crested Tern

1, Eilat North beach, 27th May.

143.Sandwich Tern

Small numbers in Spring off Eilat North Beach.

144.Common Tern

2 seen at inland fishponds in Autumn. Very common off Eilat North Beach in Spring, with up to 400 there in May.

145.Little Tern

Very common off Eilat North Beach with 150+ in May.

146.Whiskered Tern

Small numbers seen at fishponds in Autumn and Eilat North Beach in Spring.

147.Black Tern

Uncommon migrant. 2 seen in North and 3 seen at Eilat North Beach.

148.White-winged Black Tern

Common migrant in Aug/Sep and Apr/May

149.Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse

Up to 19 drinking at Eilat Pumping Station at dusk. Twice seen in daytime there.

150.Crowned Sandgrouse

35, Nizzana Sewage Pools, 23rd Oct. - 3, Mizpe Ramon Sewage Pools, 31/10. -1 or 2, Km33, 1st June.

151.Spotted Sandgrouse

c.35, Sede Boquer, 22nd Oct. - 32, Nizzana Sewage Pools, 23rd Oct. - c.1800, Urim, 1st Nov.

152.Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

Unprecedented influx into Southern Israel during March. 1000+ at Km33, 18th March.

153.Black-bellied Sandgrouse

21+, Sede Boquer, 22nd Oct. - 385, Nizzana, 23rd Oct. - 30+, Mizpe Ramon, 31st Oct. - 140+, Revivim, 31st Oct. - 1, Urim, 1st Nov.

154.Rock Dove

Feral Pigeons common - e.g. 10,000+ at Urim, 1st Nov. Dark-rumped birds in desert regions probably wild birds.

155.Stock Dove

Quite common winterer in Northern valleys from mid-Oct.

156.Collared Dove

Very common everywhere.

157.Turtle Dove

Extremely common migrant. Last 25th Oct. First 5th April.

158.Palm Dove

Very common around human habitation.

159.Namaqua Dove

Less than 10 birds wintered around Roded Farm area North of Eilat. More seen between Eilat and Yotvata after end of March.

160.Ring-necked Parakeet

Feral birds present in Northern valleys and Eilat.

161.Didric Cuckoo

1 adult male, Eilat Bird Park, 12th and 13th March.


1, Kefar Ruppin, 24th Sep.

163.Barn Owl

Common in north of country.

164.Striated Scops Owl

1 wintering in wadi to West of Eilat, seen into Feb.

165.Scops Owl

Birds calling most nights at Kefar Ruppin.

166.Little Owl

A few birds seen at Kefar Ruppin and in the deserts.

167.Hume's Tawny Owl

1, Wadi Netaphim, NW of Eilat, 8th March.


1, roosting in Date Palms, Yotvata, 20th May.

169.Common Swift

Common migrant. First 18th Feb.

170.Pallid Swift

Common migrant in Eilat. First 29th Jan.

171.Alpine Swift

Common migrant in smaller numbers. First 17th Feb.

172.Little Swift

4, Kefar Ruppin, 3rd Sep. - 50+, Hula, 25th Oct. - c.50, Golan Heights, 26th Oct. - 1, Mount Yoash, Eilat, 18th Feb.

173.Smyrna Kingfisher

Common in North. 2 birds wintering in Eilat Date Palms.


Common in small numbers throughout period.

175.Pied Kingfisher

Common in North. 4+ birds wintering around Eilat beaches.

176.Little Green Bee-eater

Common in deserts along Jordan Valley up to En Gedi.

177.Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Uncommon Autumn migrant down Jordan Valley, usually at Kefar Ruppin. Last at Eilat on 28th Oct. In Spring just one, at Wadi Shlomo, Eilat, 17th May.


Common migrant. Last 24th Oct. First 2nd April.


Regular migrant but in small numbers. Last 4th Oct. First 23rd Apr.


Common resident in North, migrant in Eilat, first on 2nd March.


Uncommon Autumn migrant in North until 3rd Nov. Common Spring migrant through Eilat from 12th March.

182.Syrian Woodpecker

Quite common in Northern Valleys.

183.Dunn's Lark

3, Km33, 18th March.

184.Bar-tailed Desert Lark

Up to 10 seen at Km33.

185.Desert Lark

Common in desert areas.

186.Hoopoe Lark

Up to 3 seen at Km33.

187.Thick-billed Lark

4, Km33, 18th March.

188.Calandra Lark

5, Kefar Ruppin, 18th Oct. - 3, Urim, 1st/2nd Nov.

189.Bimaculated Lark

6+, Km33, 18th March.

190.Short-toed Lark

Migrant in small numbers, although 100+ at Km33, 16th March.

191.Lesser Short-toed Lark

Irregular sightings in semi-desert regions. c.200, Revivim, 31st Oct.

192.Crested Lark

Common and widespread resident.


1, Hula, 25th Oct.


Common winter visitor to North, especially in NW Negev at Urim.

195.Oriental Skylark

2, Eilat North Fields, 30th Oct.

196.Temminck's Horned Lark

1, Km33, 16th and 18th March. Part of influx of 100-200.

197.Sand Martin

Common migrant. Last 10th Oct. First 26th Feb.

198.Pale Crag Martin

Common in desert regions.

199.Crag Martin

Common in far North in Winter. 90+ Mount Hermon, 24th Oct.


Common migrant. First 18th Feb.

201.Red-rumped Swallow

Common migrant, last 30th Sep, first 6th Feb.

202.House Martin

Common migrant. First 23rd Feb.

203.Richard's Pipit

Singles at Kefar Ruppin on 11th Oct, 18th Oct, and 2 on 20th Oct.

204.Tawny Pipit

Quite common migrant in dry areas. First 16th March.

205.Long-billed Pipit

4, Mount Arbel, 26th Oct.

206.Tree Pipit

Quite common migrant, mainly in Spring. Last 31st Oct. First 3rd April

207.Meadow Pipit

1, Hula, 3rd Nov.

208.Red-throated Pipit

Very common migrant and winterer. Hundreds at Kefar Ruppin in October from 25th Sep.

209.Water Pipit

Race 'coutelli' a winterer in small numbers

210.Yellow Wagtail

Very common migrant, mainly of races 'beema' and 'feldegg''. First 13th Feb.

211.Citrine Wagtail

1 juv, Kefar Ruppin, 26th Aug. - 1 male, Eilat drainage canal, 8th April. - 1 male, Eilat Date Palms, 18th May.

212.Grey Wagtail

Uncommon winter visitor to North and Eilat.

213.White Wagtail

Common winterer. First 1st Oct.

214.White-cheeked Bulbul

1, Wadi Shlomo, Eilat, 19th April.

215.Yellow-vented Bulbul

Common resident.


1, Newe Etiv & 1, Mt. Hermon, 24th Oct.

217.Rufous Bush Chat

Common breeder in North until end of September. Uncommon migrant through Eilat but 30+ at Yotvata, 20th May.

218.Black Bush Robin

1, Eilat Central Park, 7th April.


Uncommon winterer. First 24th Oct. Last 27th March.


Uncommon migrant in Eilat from 2nd April.


Common migrant and winterer. First 2nd Oct. Last 16th April.

222.Black Redstart

Common winterer. First 24th Oct. Last 14th March.

223.Common Redstart

Common migrant. From 14th Oct into Nov, and from 15th March.


Very common in desert regions.


Quite common migrant. From 16th Sep in Autumn and 24th April in Spring.


Common winterer. First 3rd Oct. Last 7th March.

Eastern Stonechat

In October and November, 9 of race 'maura' and 6 of race 'variegata/armenica'. 1 fem 'maura' at Eilat in Feb.

227.Isabelline Wheatear

Common breeder in North. Numbers boosted by migrants in September. Winterer in deserts in smaller numbers.

228.Northern Wheatear

Common migrant. First in Autumn, 9th Sep. First in Spring, 9th March.

229.Black-eared Wheatear

Uncommon migrant. Only 3 seen in Autumn. First in Spring, 4th March.

230.Desert Wheatear

5 seen on passage in Northern valleys. Resident in small numbers in deserts.

231.Finsch's Wheatear

3, Nizzana, 22nd & 23rd Oct. - 1, Mount Hermon, 24th Oct. - 1, Urim, 1st Nov.

232.Mourning Wheatear

Common in central deserts. None in close vicinity of Eilat.

233.Hooded Wheatear

Uncommon resident of Southern deserts. Difficult to find in Mountains to West of Eilat, at Coral Beach and at Km33.

234.White-crowned Black Wheatear

Common in all desert regions.

235.Rock Thrush

1, Wadi Shlomo, 22nd April.

236.Blue Rock Thrush

7, Mount Arbel, 26th Oct. - 1, Eilat Pumping Station, 28th Jan & 11th Feb. - 1, near Dolphin Reef, 17th March.


Common resident in North.

238.Song Thrush

Uncommon winterer. First 24th Oct. Last 24th March

239.Cetti's Warbler

Common resident especially in North.

240.Fan-tailed Warbler

Common resident in North only.

241.Graceful Prinia

Very common everywhere, less so in harsh deserts.

242.Scrub Warbler

Quite common in harsh deserts only, uncommon in immediate vicinity of Eilat.

243.Savi's Warbler

Quite common migrant through Eilat but difficult to see, from 1st March.

244.Moustached Warbler

1, Nizzana Sewage Pools, 23rd Oct. - 1, Eilat town, 24th Feb.

245.Sedge Warbler

Uncommon migrant in Autumn, common migrant in Spring from 11th Feb.

246.Marsh Warbler

2 birds trapped in Spring at Eilat Ringing Station - 9th & 13th May.

247.Reed Warbler

Very common migrant and breeder. First in Spring, 11th Feb.

248.Clamorous Reed Warbler

Common breeder at Northern fishponds. Has disappeared from Eilat area.

249.Great Reed Warbler

Uncommon migrant through Eilat in April.

250.Olivaceous Warbler

Common breeder and migrant in North until 21st Sep. Common migrant through Eilat from 12th March.

251.Booted Warbler

One wintered in Fradkin Gardens, Eilat, until last seen on 7th April. Identification a problem, may have been of race 'rama'.

252.Spectacled Warbler

1 1st-w, Nizzana, 22nd Oct. - 1 male, Revivim, 31st Oct. - 1 male, Eilat Bird Park, 28th March.

253.Sardinian Warbler

Common resident in North. Common winterer at Eilat until 15th March.

254.Cyprus Warbler

Uncommon winterer in wadis at Eilat. More common as a migrant until 9th March.

255.Ruppell's Warbler

Relatively common migrant through Eilat from 1st March to 8th April.

256.Desert Warbler

1, Km33, 18th March.

257.Arabian Warbler

Seen only in Acacias at Yotvata: 1, 29th Oct and 2, 7th Mar.

258.Orphean Warbler

1, Eilat, 30th Oct. Uncommon migrant in Spring from 4th March to 4th April.

259.Barred Warbler

2, Eilat, 6th May.

260.Lesser Whitethroat

Very common migrant between 27th Aug & 25th Sep in Autumn, and from 21st Feb in Spring.

261.Common Whitethroat

Quite common migrant in Spring from 11th Feb.

262.Garden Warbler

Quite common migrant in Spring from 24th April.


Very common migrant from 5th Sep, and again from 22nd March.

264.Bonelli's Warbler

Quite common migrant in Spring from 13th March to 27th April.

265.Wood Warbler

Quite common migrant in Spring from 2nd April to 7th May.


Very common winterer from 18th Oct until 16th April.

267.Willow Warbler

Common migrant between 26th Aug & 28th Oct in Autumn and from 13th April in Spring.

268.Spotted Flycatcher

Common migrant. Last 18th Oct. First 20th April.

269.Red-breasted Flycatcher

1 female/imm, Mitzpe Ramon, 31st Oct.

270.Semi-collared Flycatcher

5 seen in Eilat between 11th and 17th April.

271.Collared Flycatcher

1 female trapped, Eilat Ringing Station, 6th May.

272.Arabian Babbler

Common in deserts and around Eilat.

273.Sombre Tit

3, Neve Etiv, 24th Oct.

274.Great Tit

Common in small numbers in North.

275.Rock Nuthatch

1, Neve Etiv & 1, Mount Hermon, 24th Oct.

276.Penduline Tit

1, Hula, 3rd Nov. - 1, Yotvata, 7th March.

277.Palestine Sunbird

Common resident.

278.Golden Oriole

3, Geva, 15th Sep. - 1, Eilat, 18th May.

279.Isabelline Shrike

2, Kefar Ruppin, 18th Oct. - 1, Yotvata, 29th Oct. - 1, Eilat Pumping Station, 6th Nov.

280.Red-backed Shrike

Quite common migrant in Autumn. Only 2 seen in Spring at Eilat on 12th and 19th May.

281.Lesser Grey Shrike

1 1st-w, Kefar Ruppin, 2nd Sep. 1 1st-w, Ginnegar, 19th Sep.

282.Great Grey Shrike

Common resident away from Eilat.

283.Woodchat Shrike

Common migrant. Last 5th Oct. First 12th March.

284.Masked Shrike

Uncommon migrant in Autumn - 10 seen in Aug/Sep. More common through Eilat in Spring - 31 seen from 3rd April.


Uncommon resident in Northern Valleys.


Common resident in North.

287.Indian House Crow

Common within Eilat Town. 1, Yotvata, 12th April.

288.Hooded Crow

Common resident in North. 1 bird resident in Eilat.

289.Brown-necked Raven

Common in desert regions.

290.Common Raven

2, Mount Arbel, 26th Oct.

291.Fan-tailed Raven

Seen only in En Gedi area. 5 on 23rd Oct, 6 on 27th Oct.

292.Tristram's Grackle

Common South of Jerusalem.


Common winterer to North from 25th Oct.

294.House Sparrow

Common resident.

295.Spanish Sparrow

Common resident in North in agricultural areas. Winterer in Eilat.

296.Dead Sea Sparrow

20+ at Kefar Ruppin during October. Common in winter in isolated flocks between Eilat and Yotvata, e.g. 200+, Eilat North Sewage, 26th Feb. Singing males at Yotvata during March.

297.Pale Rock Sparrow

Passage birds present at Km33 during March - 5+, 16th March and 8+, 18th March.

298.Indian Silverbill

1, Eilat Town, 15th March.


Common winterer between 24th Oct and 12th March.


1, Mount Arbel, 26th Oct. - 1, Eilat North Fields, 28th Oct.


1, Neve Etiv & 1, Mount Hermon, 24th Oct. - 1, Mount Arbel, 26th Oct. - 1, Hula, 3rd Nov.

302.Syrian Serin

115+, Mount Hermon, 24th Oct.


Common resident, rarer winterer in Eilat.


Common resident, rarer winterer in Eilat.


Uncommon winterer as far South as Eilat, between 24th Oct and 26th Feb.


Uncommon winterer.

307.Desert Finch

Common resident at Kefar Ruppin. Less common elsewhere.

308.Trumpeter Finch

Common in Summer around Eilat, much less common in winter

309.Common Rosefinch

1 1st-winter, Eilat Cemetery, 30th Oct.

310.Sinai Rosefinch

2 seen at En Netaphim and 3 at Amram's Pillars, Eilat, during the winter.

311.Rock Bunting

1, Mount Hermon, 24th Oct.

312.House Bunting

Uncommon in Mountains to West of Eilat. None seen during mid-winter but pairs slowly appeared during the Spring.

313.Cinereous Bunting

1, Yotvata, 12th April.

314.Ortolan Bunting

Quite common migrant between 3rd Sep and 24th Sep in Autumn, and 7th April and 7th May, in Spring.

315.Cretzschmar's Bunting

Uncommon migrant in Autumn, with 16 seen, between 8th Sep and 16th Sep. More common in Spring between 27th Feb and 4th April.

316.Little Bunting

1, Paramo, North of Yotvata, 27th Oct.

317.Corn Bunting

Common winterer in North from 16th Sep.