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Are you literally gutted that you are missing out? Then see the CamLit page. It's literally the bees knees!

Whether it's rarities enjoying watersports, exploding gulls or gems from a young Musgrove, check out the birding bloopers and other miscellaneous funnies.

Indian birding

Article about Bharatpur (with water and birds!) written for Birdguides, available on the Birdguides site for subscribers, or hosted on the BUBO site for non-subscribers.

For more information about birds and birding in India, check out the Delhibird website and the associated Delhibird e-mail group, Kolkata Birds and the Oriental Bird Club image database.


For trip planning and logistics as used by BUBO, check out Asian Adventures, Help Tourism and Wild About India.

Non-birding miscellany

A few photos from Nisha and Mike's wedding in Bombay and honeymoon in Rajasthan, February 2000.

Photos of Nisha and Mike with Neeta, Asheena, Roli and Isabella in Boston, Massachusetts, June 2002.

Nisha's MBA graduation at Cranfield University, July 2002.

Mike's VW Corrado VR6.