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This page contains links to various trip reports involving BUBO members.

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Also, for a picture of life on a BUBO expedition, check out the Postcards From page!

UK Bird Races



Note: Since October 2002 Mike has been in India seeing innumerable good birds! For reports see the excellent Delhibird website and the Delhibird mail archives.

Logistics for many of the birding trips in India were made through Asian Adventures. For trip planning, also consider Wild About India who can help independent travellers with itineraries.

Middle East



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North America

Central and South America

To experience some of the atmosphere of the best days with BUBO birds, have a look at the following:

  • Raining birds in the Promised Land; Eilat, Israel; 7 April 1994
  • Nightwarblers in the land of the midnight sun; Sündsvall, Sweden; 16 June 1992